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Chora Aeon Chora
Chora (Outer Space) Aeon Chora (Growing Time)

WUK performing arts | Wien | April 2021

Tanznacht | Berlin | 10.-13.9.2020

Open Spaces | Tanzfabrik | Berlin | 5.–9.11.2019

Davor und Danach | Preview and Review
What Forms The Present Chora Chora Choros VI
What Forms The Present? Beatrix Joyce on Chora Chora – Video Documentation Choros VI – Video Documentation

BLOG | TEXT 15.2.2020

REVIEW | TEXT 30.3.2020

LINK | VIDEO 30.1.2020

LINK | VIDEO 28.11.2018

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Niklaus Largier on Chora: Mesmerized

Conceiving of ourselves as viewers at first, we often turn into participants. What seems to be observation and abstraction becomes absorption, immersion, experience in time. Reading turns into feelings of sweetness and bitterness; looking into taste, appetite and arousal; hearing into affective pleasure and melancholic longing; touch into an abyss of desire. I am tempted to start with a simple scene. A multipurpose room with an old hardwood floor, once used as a gym, in what is probably an ex-GDR school building in Berlin, Pankow. Sitting on a chair, I am observing a group of dancers rehearsing, working towards a future performance. A choreography, Chora. The Earth is a Weiterlesen | Read More

Arbeiten | Works
Chora Choros VI Choros V
Chora Choros VI Choros V
Choros IV Narkosis Narziss Echo
Choros IV Narkosis Narziss Echo
Koroška Choros II Choros I
Choros III Choros II Choros I
Festung / Europa So Gut Wie Genug Jetzt Wird´s Ernst
Festung / Europa So Gut Wie Genug Jetzt Wird‘s Ernst
Ein Aufenthalt Die Umsetzung Within the Interim
Ein Aufenthalt Die Umsetzung Within the Interim

Texte | Texts
The Basic Principles of Relational Flow MM 2020
Letter to Sergiu: On Ancient Theatre MM 2020
Letter to Ixchel: On the Growing of a World MM 2020
Letter to Jefta: On the Gaze MM 2020
Letter to Asaf: On Multiple Attention MM 2020
Choros, Chora, Aeon: Raummythentriologie 2016–2020 | Space Myth Trilogy 2016–2020 MM + SM 2020
What Forms The Present? (Talk) Marita Tatari + SM 2020
Niklaus Largier on Chora: Mesmerized Niklaus Largier 2020
Chora – Textual Documentation Beatrix Joyce 2019
Chora, Growing Time (Talk) SM 2019
Neue Notizen zur Raumchoreographie SM 2019
Note on Relating SM 2019
International Notice Writing Group on Choros VI International Notice 2018
A New Sensualism (Extended Version) SM 2018
A New Sensualism SM 2018
Raumdynamische Begegnungen. Moritz Majce und Sandra Man im Interview MM + SM 2018
Notizen zum Zuschauen | Notes on Watching MM + SM 2017
Notizen zu Choros III (Koroška) | Notes on Choros III (KoroŇ°ka) SM 2017
Narkosis – Plastizität der Gegenwart Marita Tatari 2017
Raumchoreographie und Sprache | Space Choreography and Language MM + SM 2017
Zu »Festung / Europa«, in: Kunstwerk als Handlung Marita Tatari 2017
Raumchoreographie | Space Choreography MM + SM 2016
Choreographie als Raumkunst | Choreography as Space Art MM + SM 2016
Publikum ohne Gefühl und Verstand SM 2015
Mitschriften MM + SM 2013 – 2017
Apathie und Areal | Apathy and Areal MM 2011
My Credos MM 2011
Aussetzer am Betriebsgelände (AUSSCHNITT) MM + SM 2010
Vom Sinn des Irgend SM 2006
Eine ferne und flüchtige Welt ? ?

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